Arts & Archaeology | Creative Signposting

  • Role Lead Artist
  • For Heritage Action Zone | Great Place Wentworth & Elsecar
  • Date July 2019

Heritage Action Zone | Great Place Wentworth & Elsecar​ | Elsecar Heritage Centre.

The Newcomen Beam Engine is the only one of its kind left on its original site in England. This summer a large team of community volunteers and local schools helped reveal its interesting stories through the Newcomen Dig.

I was invited to creatively sign post a route down to the dig and to creatively evaluate how the dig made visitors feel. Here are also examples of the banner we stitched with young people who visited and volunteered at the dig plus some comments from the archeologists in there too. All comments were stitched onsite at the dig.

The project was part of this Summers Festival of Archaeology.