Signs Of Love

Conversation Club – a Cultural Collaboration and Celebration.
Banners of Peace created

  • Role Lead Artist
  • For REMA
  • Date 2015

Smiles like that say a thousand words. - Jason White The Civic Barnsley

Conversation Club 2015

Signs of love.

Ladies from all over the world who can speak very little English meet once a week at conversation club in Rotherham ladies from all backgrounds, cultures, religion and circumstances meet together and openly talk, learning English along the way.

We communicated through stitching banners of peace, love, protection, joy, hope and belief. in Korean, Arabic, Tunisian, Persian, Slovakian to name a few.

It is really interesting to see the mix of traditional English textiles mixed with hand embroidered diverse language and statements. A cultural collaboration.

Project supported by REMA.