Ain't I A Woman

International Women’s Day Commission

  • Role Lead Artist
  • For Gemma Nemer | REMA
  • Date 2014
  • Type Embroidered Archive Dress
  • Vintage Petticoat Hand Embroidered

International women's day commission. "Ain't I a Women?" 2014

Hand embroidered texts from Sojourner Truth a 17th century women's rights campaigner. Her words are honest and touching. She couldn't read or write but moved people through her strong words. I wanted to stitch the bold, brash, clumsy text on the delicate petticoat to show a contrast with the stereotypical delicate image of a woman with the amazing strength in her words. Petticotes are the intimate hidden layer that usually no one sees, that protect modesty. I wanted this amazing women's words not to be hidden anymore, like they were in the past. This petticoat is over 100 years old and was disintegrating in my hands while I stitched.

On display at Unity Centre Rotherham | Commissioned by REMA.